Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Since you're the one I'd met on this real world
Nobody else can replace you
Can't takes my eyes off you
And seems every seconds you will remain in my mind .

Everyday ,
You ask me to not leave you and wait for you .
Yes , I will .
For next 8 years , I know everything will be change .

You as a doctor , and I as an engineer .
6 years is not too long to wait .
8 years such an exciting years through all the happiness and pain .

I'll waiting you . (: Don't worry .

CREDIT TO : AzriNaqiuddin :)

p/s : HAHA . Dah ckp dlm post sebelum ni nak stop blogging jap , tp sudah start semulaaa . Adoihh. XP

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