Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Raise Me Up :)

Wondering what's my title is all about ya ?
It's about MUM :) Yet I called my mum IBU . Heeee .
In sudden I remembered my mum , plus miss her too .
But , she's too busy and seems I can't going back home this weekend.
Hmm , nevermind , it's okay with me . Hehe .

Actually , I MISS HER .

I know sometimes I annoyed her , she always nagging about my behaviour , we always having a WORDS FIGHT , *tikamlidah*. Sometimes it such nonsense things we debating about . But, of course my mum always WON. Ohh , i am a loser when I with my mum. Hahaha :) 

But I know , she's the best one for me. THE BEST IBU IN THE WORLD ! Heee , always sacrifice for me , she gave me all I want , take a good care of me since I was born withouthelp from a person called father . Yet , IBU IS A SUPERMUM . Hahaha !

Alhamdulillah , she gave me EVERYTHING. 

I LOVE YOU ! :) Thanks for everything . One day , I will lead a good life as my mum did . And i will take a good care of her . I PROMISE ! :)

noorsiahyusoff :)

p/s : NEVER EVER neglected your parents.

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