Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"That's the moment when I'd realised."

Too sweet to think about. I don't know and I never expect to having you in my life.
The moment had came into my life too fast. Too fast. Sometimes I can't believe all of those precious moments we had going through together. And sometimes I can't believe to have you in my life.

Someday we may have more sweet and precious moments together. But for all along those times, I really appreciate it. 

Going back to "That's the moment when I'd realised."

The moment that I wanna tell you is on 9th January. And I realised that not all men in this world were bad as I thought before. And I realised that I can have such a kind-charm man in my life. A person that I can't replace him with anyone. Even though there will be the very best man more than him, but I don't want to. Because what I have been going through with him all in this while can't be replace with THE BEST MAN EVER. It can't be and never be.

That's why I called it "The Moment When I'd Realised". 9th Jan. It will be the best date ever in my life. And I never forget it forever. I promise to myself, he will the ONE AND ONLY man ever in my life. No one else. 
InsyaAllah. Everything comes from Allah. I hope Allah will listen and fulfill my pray. 


Thanks for everything to a man named : Azri Naqiuddin. 

I love you. (: 

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