Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've got power ! :)

SALAM SEMUAAAA ! poyo tak tajuk tuu? Hihi.

Haaaaa, kali ni entry pasal apa pulak kan. Sebelum ni pasal steamboat. Ni pasal BUKU / BOOK ! :)
Ohh books, you're my soul. HAHA :)
Actually, kita memg pantang tengok buku. Tambahtambah yang murah murah. Wow ! Duit ku terbang melayang. Heeee.

Okay ! So haritu kita ada pergi BIG BAD WOLF BOOK FAIR. 1.5 millions books ada kat sana plus MURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH gila. Hehe. Buku yang hard cover dijual RM 60 asalnya, jadi RM8. Wowowow ! Heeeee.
So, kita beli macam macam lah buku kan, termasuk buku 'THE POWER OF GIVING'.

So, pasal apa eks buku ni? This is self-motivated novel. Ditulis oleh Azim Jamal and Harvey McKinnon. Dah lama kita nak buku nie, at last dapat jugak. Alhamdulillah :)

Okay, so apa cerita yang best sangat dalam buku ni kan. Actually, this book tell us about what the benefits and how to sincerely have giving power each other. It's creating abundance at home, at work, and in our community. :) Bak kata Jack Canfield, "If everyone followed the advice given in this wonderful book, our world would be richer, more equitable, and peaceful place."

Awesome huh? Heeee.

Then, this book is also about how giving back enriches us all. There's a lot of gives actually, giving forgiveness, giving things, giving knowledge, giving love and a lot ! :) So, I conclude that, this book is about to teach us how to give with sincerely and share among us. :)

Nak tau lebih lebih? Mana boleeeeh. Haha ! Bacalaa sendiri. Go and find this book, even mahal mcmana pun, this book is really good ! Don't to count on your money while spending on books. It's mean a lot. You can keep these books til' your generations. It's a knowledge. We are not loss in it. 

If you can buy expensive clothings, why don't you spend on those knowledge that can you have til' whenever and ever.
In Islam, also ask for Muslims find as much as knowledge. It's an ibadah. Go and grab pahala friends ! 

This is it ! :)
Salam. :)

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