Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every Seconds .

Hmm , I am too busy right now, settle all my works for PPC FASTRACK UNITEN Community Services.
So , since last week when he was in BTN with NO PHONE , and this week I seems too busy to contact him. And tired too.

Hmm , I MISS HIM , but I have to finish all my works because once I start , I love to finish it with all my heart. Huhu.

SORRY DEAREST AZRI NAQIUDDIN, bukannya saya taknak contact or saya lupa kat awak , or ape2 je lah , tapi saya busy sgatsgat . SORRY :( 

I PROMISE ! Nanti dah habis semua kita msg and calling mcm bese okaay . Lagipun I'm counting days before you fly pergi MESIR. Haaaa, and I HAVE A BEST STORY EVER FOR YOU ! Nanti I citer okay sayangsss :*

p/s : waiting for 8years is nothing for me compare to his faith :)

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