Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treasure Hunt for MONEY .

Ohnyeyeyeyee :) Hye . Heeee , *seems to happy right now ! Yeahh .

Okayaa , actually it's have been 3 days I'm not updating my entry , so now I just have some ME-TIME to update my blog. I am too busy . Well , it's not an easy work to plan a community services within 2weeks. Oemmjaay , then I'd became a TREASURER ! thats why my title for this entry 'Treasure Hunt For MONEY!' heeee . All my works is about money money and money ! Derr, all is money . HAHAHA !

Meeting meeting and meeting , what all this about . Err , TIRED ! Seriouslyy , my head spinning around when we doesn't have enough budget for our journey. OMG ! erghh , that time was my hardest time to think about . Then we have our own inisiative to find some sponsors. Alhamdulillah after that , everything was okay because the tentative also had been changed . Perghh , grateful gilaaa ! HAHA :)

But now we have to wait for the confirmation for all of our things. We will start our journey on Friday , maybe at 4a.m we will go ! Yeaaaayy ! Can't wait seriously ! Hahaha :)) Onyenyenyee !

I hope what my classmates and I had done will get the bless from Allah S.W.T :) InsyaAllah .

PPC MARA FASTRACK UNITEN 2011 :) together we work to achieve what we want ! Heeee .

p/s : ape yang penting , KERJASAMA ! Yeay !


  1. korang nak wat journey gi mana??

  2. HAHA :) ke perlis dan kedah . lawat org2 tua ngan anak2 yatim . :)


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