Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Key , Important Key

There is an important key , ONLY ONE KEY , that is 


Yet before my heart was locked after I have lost in my own world. But it's not forever, it just temporary.
For myself , there' no other things i search besides HAPPINESS. 
So, when there is no happiness, MY HEART'S LOCKED. For a long time.

Just imagine how hard I am just to waste my time for two years HANGING. Just HANG , when i rwind all of those stories, my heart feels like 'OUCH' :'(

But those stories was about a year ago , THAT'S WHAT MAKES MY HEART'S LOCKED.

Then, a year after :

Gloomy things and all those sadness in me GONE ! Why ?


My heart's key founder : AZRI NAQIUDDIN (:

Yeshh , there's someone. I thought there will be NOBODY. Alhamdulillah (:

To all guys out there , PLEASE find where should you put all of your love to , yes your MOTHER will always be NUMBER ONE, don't drop the rank , I'll slap you ! 

HEY GUYS OUT THERE , please LOVE your girl sincerely , FAITHFULLY , don't even hurt her , if not you WILL REGRET FOR WHOLE LIFE. 

Sincere is important to get the key , SINCERE !

p/s : sometimes you just don't get it .

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