Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ahha , I'm not

Heee , sudah pulih dari kemurungan melampau , dan saya tiada kredit untuk msg dia :( Huhu 

Haha ! 

ONE LESS LONELY GIRL. Sounds playing in my blog , but yet of course it's me because I have my AZRI NAQIUDDIN that make a lonely girl in this world less , that's me of course, ahha (:

And when you're mine, in the world
There's gonna be one less lonely girl - JB -

I have a person that are SO care and LOVE me , just the way I am. I LOVE YOU LAHH ! Heee :)
Sorry for behave like kid before , we just far away, and might be not for 2months later YOU ARE REALLY FAR AWAY ! Alooooo, :( I think I will cry like a baby , and my heart going to fall off ! Ouchh, HURT ! :'(
But it's okay i thought , hmmmm , Like he always said : Kita jauh ni ada hikmahnya sayang, huhu.
Heeee , suka suka suka ! SAYA SAYANG AWAK. sayang sangat !

Tunggu tunggu 6 tahun lagi , and sepanjang 6 tahun ni I will learn to going through obstacles WITH YOU ! ONLY YOU :) 

I hope that you are the only one and you will be the last . soulmate-to-be insyaAllah (:

K bye ! Saya memg sayang dia tu sbb sy selalu post pasal dia , kalau rasa tak suka takyah baca lenkali okay ! Hehe (:

sorry and thanks for everything !

p/s : Nak ikut pegi Mesir boleh tak ? haha ! *nonsense !


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