Sunday, August 28, 2011

A letter from KL to Melaka (:

Dear Azri Naqiuddin,

   I'm sorry for all my behaviours lately. After what we had shared last night on that problems, I can think more rational and get those things, which is my fault, and I can make decision clearly. Thankyou syng, Thanks a lot ! Ifyou were not here last night, maybe the problems can't be settled. Sorry , I'd troubled you a lot syng. I can't face those things on my own. I failed to do that this time. Luckily me that you were here.
   Sayang, if anything happen after this, I hope we can going through all of those probs together. You need me and I need you. Even thoug UNITEN and Alexandria are thousands miles away , but I hope we can face it like we're both in Malaysia. Sayaang, i'm sorry for hurting you , I know all this while that I'm not in good situations, there's a lot that I'd done and hurt you. SORRY :'(
  And azri, don't think that I don't trust you or what so ever, because I never feel that. I trust you , never put a doubt on you, and I love you so muchh. (: And I dare to wait for us until 6years onwards. Okaay syng ? Sorry ya. And Thanks A Lot , Thanks A Bunch ! (: I LOVE YOU.

Truly with a lots of loves,
Aiman Suhailah.

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