Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because Only My Heart Knows

There's a lot of needs that I dream to have all of those needs.
I want it because only my heart knows it.
Maybe one of it I can't expect or hope it too much , but I can pray and listen to my heart's voice.

There's a sentence that I hold til' now ;

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART'S VOICE , it doesn't wrong but it will makes you feel confidence and comfort with your own feels.

Don't feel it is wrong but feel it's like a CURE (:

I always do this when I feel uncomfortable, lost confidence, and when I thought about NEGATIVE position for what will I be.

Maybe , and maybe doesn't everyone will understand what I've been going through all this , but there are some people that really understand this BECAUSE ONLY MY HEART KNOWS. (:

p/s : happy eid. (:

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