Saturday, October 1, 2011

Journey of Hearts.

A very good day everyone ! (:

I woke up this morning with smile, with rationally thinking about all happened last night.
A night when my angry explode too much, Astaghfirullahalazim. Remember Allah, is the cure for my madness. InsyaAllah.

Woke up and straightly find my phone and dial a number of Azri Naqiuddin. 'Sorry about last night, I doesn;t meant to hurt and to harsh towards you' because I LOVE YOU. (":
We were chatted about an hour, that's all what I want before let him go to Bumi Anbiya', Mesir. InsyaAllah.
He go there to lead our life few years after, I stay in Malaysia with the same intention. No matter where we are, how far we are, InsyaAllah, nothing can stop us to be like usual. 

Tomorrow, a day that I have to. I am so nervous to send him at KLIA, with his parents there. I am so sad to let him go far away from me, I dare to be alone here in Malaysia. Allah knows the best for us, insyaAllah.

Naqi, whatever you do, just think that there will be always the best for you. Don't worry about me here, I will always wait and wait without any doubt towards us anymore. Please, don't just leave me alone here without any regards from you, without any connection between Mesir and Malaysia. I want to send you a message like usual, Skype-ing like usual, BBM-ing, calling (if I can), and I want your 'good morning wish' every morning. (:

But seems like it's hard for me to have all what i want. Today I will admit that I can't live without him. I wish Mesir and Malaysia is just like Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. I wish. But it won't happen. 

It's not the end, but it's a journey that forever. Journey of Hearts. Maybe it's the starts of 

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