Friday, November 25, 2011

A Letter From Me To You.

Mr. Muhd Azri Naqiuddin Bin Arbain,
Alexandria, Egypt.

Dearest you,
         I wrote this letter for you just want to say I LOVE YOU. Even though we're far away til' thousands miles away, but I still want to let you know that distance doesn't matters for US. If our love is true and being bless, it doesn't matters honey. We can't date like other couples, we can't SMS-ing like other couples, and we can't talk every night like us before, but still dear, we still in love for sure. I know it just temporary for us, but the permanently will come in the future. We have been far away right now, insyaAllah, few years ahead, our life will be more happiness in it and we may live happily NEVER after :)
      You know what honey, even though I am really caught in busyness right now with assignment, test and quizzes every weeks, but I remembering you in every seconds. You may feel like I'm ignoring you, but actually it's not. You're always in my mind as usual. That's why I've told you, distance doesn't matters. Yes, sometimes when I watch FOOTBALL MATCH, haha, I may be too busy with that, we're REVERSE right? haha :D But, no matter how handsome the player is, you're still No. One honey. :)
     Lately, we'd went through so many fought, but I'm still strong for us, I hope you too honey. Dear Naqi, I love you so much. Not less, but more every day. I miss you so much. Every day I hope, time flies very fast so that I can meet you again dear. Remember all my advices and please take care there. :)

Ms. Aiman Suhailah Binti  Saifuddin
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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